Hi! It’s me, Andie R. Cranford aka The Narrative A.R.C. This website emerged from my dual loves of social science and literature. For the past four years, the topic of deliberate practice and how it relates to writing has become my obsession.

Deliberate practice is like the secret handshake of champions, a set of behaviors scientists have found leads to expertise in many fields.

I scourged the research of psychologists like K. Anders Ericsson and Angela Duckworth as well as journalists like Malcolm Gladwell and Daniel Coyle to extract all the juicy bits, anything that applied to the writing process. This website is the result. I break writing down into practicable chunks that lead to better novels and short stories.

This website focuses on everything from the smallest elements of writing all the way to the literary patterns bestselling and critically-acclaimed novels have in common.

Writing is a craft—one we can learn—and this is the way science says it is done.


My portfolio is here.