The meet-ups

Here is my short list of U.S. writing conferences. Feedback is an important part of deliberate practice and conferences are a great time to receive it.


Association of writers and writing programs conference

FEBRUARY 8-11 2017

AWP is one of the largest literary conferences in the world.

Writer's digest conference

august 18-20, 2017

A writing conference backed by one o the top brands in the writing world.

San francisco conference

february 16-19, 2017

A great conference for those on the West Coast.

midwest workshop

july 20-22, 2017

In addition to their live workshop in the summer, MWW provides online workshops.

Las vegas conference

april 20-22, 2017

A great conference for meeting agents and editors. 

killer nashville conference

august 24-27, 2017

Great for all writers but with a killer focus on procedural fiction and murder mystery.

South by southwest conference 

march 10-19, 2017

This multi-media conference is great for both writers and screenwriter while keeping Austin weird.

ATlanta conference

may, 2017

With at least two annual conferences, this is the perfect place to network with other writers and meet editors and agents.

Northern COLORADO conference

may 5-6, 2017

A twelve-year-old conference with a track record of excellent workshops and presenters, this conference is limited to 130, so be sure to register early.